Hospital Fire Safety VTF04 DVD04
Hospital Fire Safety VTF04 & DVD04 (18 mins)

What is this video about?

Fire Safety is a vital area of training in modern hospitals. The risk of a fire and the consequent dangers to patients is never far away.

This video presents the most important issues around the dangers of fire, and simple preventative measures to minimise the risks.

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Did you know many Trusts have been prosecuted for blocked fire exits, propped open fire doors and badly maintained fire points? The video describes how everyone can help by keeping the fire exits clear, and knowing where the fire points are. It shows what hospital staff should do if they hear the alarm. It also describes the fire plan and what the response needs to be if a fire is discovered.

Fire extinguishers may all be red, but they are not all the same! The video explains the labelling colour scheme and the different types of extinguisher are demonstrated. In the heat of the moment your staff should be able to use an extinguisher without any hesitation if it is safe for them to do so. The video shows actual demonstrations to help your staff familiarise themselves with what they have to do.

Main Sections:

  • The FireCode
  • The nature of fire
  • what to do if you see a fire or hear the alarm
  • the different types of extinguisher and how to operate them

Commentary by Steve Brennan

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