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A new range of Quality Products for Induction Training from GS Ltd
DSE Assessment
Up to date safety information including 2002 DSE Regulations
Setting up your Workstation
Adopting the correct posture
A quick welfare check for your workplace
Completing the DSE Assessment and printable DSE Assessment forms
DVD Production
Health & Safety
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The TrainerWare range of products is a cost effective way to deliver the latest workplace safety information for your new staff and as refresher training.
The TrainerWare range features: Minimum system requirements
Unlimited user licences Minimum 800x600 colour display
20 - 25 minutes typical reading time Win 98 or later
Pentium PC with CD drive
Once-through sequential presentation, to avoid skipping!
Printer (for certificates)
Technical Glossary
A5 (folded) reminder booklet for users to print and take away
New! Improved personalised certificates on completion
User Guide and optional support for annual updates

£85.00 per disc or £240 for the set of four. Please add £6.00 P&P & 15% VAT to your order. Optional annual support + 20%.

TW01 DSE Assessment TW02 Fire Safety TW03 Manual Handling TW04 Office Induction
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