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To fully assess your training, you need the support of a comprehensive results analysis system:
  • Check all results quickly and easily

  • Design your own detail and summary reports

  • Sort users according to any criteria

  • Link into your email system with template emails
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Results Analysis: DSE Assessment
DSE Assessment Reporting and Monitoring Tool:
  • Verify all DSE responses

  • Identify problem areas

  • Add trainer comments and review date

  • Flag up users due for re-assessment or review

  • Import email lists
Technical Specifications:
  • Data stored in Microsoft Access format (mdb) with full password protection and MDAC attributes
  • Requires the Microsoft ADO database engine (part of MS Windows 98 or later)
  • Email links to your default email program

E-Learning and Trainset 2005

Our E-learning products use Trainset 2005, a fully web-enabled version of Results Manager. Check, edit and print all your training results via your web browser! For further details and a demonstration, visit the E-Learning part of this website.

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