Computer Based Interactive Training

Generation Software supply a large range of PC based training products to cover Health, Safety and Environmental issues for industrial sites, offices, healthcare facilities and premises where food is prepared.

Available as a single CD version or as E-Learning and network packages (multiple users, networked files, fully updateable by the trainer).

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  • Menu driven, interactive training
  • Glossary of technical terms
  • Section browser. View key parts of the information at any time
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Quit the training and log back on at a later date, and either resume where you left off or start again
  • Full audit trail includes users details, responses to questions, page-by-page progress with the training and the time and date of the session.
  • Detailed user certificate may be viewed and printed at any time, showing progress and responses

Further options available for E-Learning and Network Versions:

  • Customised content
  • Additional encryption for data
  • Special on-screen features including active diagrams, links to networked documents and email
  • Link your training results with other site databases (Access, Interbase, Excel or any other popular format)
  • Select the training to run with or without commentary or video
  • Multimedia presentation also available in html (browser) format for intranet and web servers
  • Fully editable data files - add or change any number of pages, questions, images and text
  • Results Manager system is available separately for the trainer. Includes optional encryption, extensive query capability and customized report generator.

Single CD Licence

Our training presentations can run directly from the CD.  User results can be recorded back onto the hard disc of the PC for analysis by the trainer. Users can print their own personal results certificate.

TrainSet tm Network Advanced Licence

On purchasing a multiuser TrainSet licence the training presentations may be installed on to multiple PCs or onto a network.  User results can be stored on the local hard drives, or sent to a central network location.

Results Manager


'Results Manager' is a sophisticated Access-based analysis system for designing and printing results reports. You can sort and query against any criteria including names, dates, departments, scores etc. The network version of this program has an annual licence fee of 15% of the main contract price per year. This includes continued support and free updates.

An extended version of Results Manager is used for DSE Assessment Reporting and includes all DSE responses from your users, trainer comments and review dates.

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