Options for your site specific video
There is no right or wrong style for your site specific video, its most likely that you know what works for your staff and what doesnt. We can create the production from your ideas, helping you to make it happen.

Our design and production service is exhaustive, detailed and painstaking so that we can be confident you are getting the best production for your budget.

There are many options available for your video. Some of them are listed below.

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For creative photography and video closeups we offer a range of backdrop materials for your shoot.

'Standard' backdrops include the materials listed below, have a look at the list and make your choice. If you want to consider other options, get in touch and let us know!

Options for your video
Muslin backdrops
Light grey wash Steel grey wash Grey green wash
Gradient backdrops
Dark grey and white Light blue and white Light blue green and white Light grey and white
Natural and misc backdrops
Black Natural Blue old master
Old Master White Denim blue sky
Fieldstone and pebble Gold and Lavender Grey pattern
Purple light blue Slanted lines Yellow and purple
Yellow orange

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