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Safety HAT HAT01 - CDROM Details

6 key health & safety packages combined. DSE assessment, manual handling, fire safety, stress, risk assessment and waste minimisation.

Manual Handling - TrainerWare TW03 - CDROM Details
Background to safe manual handling and lifting in the workplace, principles of good handling and practical examples.
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Office Induction - TrainerWare TW04 - CDROM Details
All round introduction to health & safety in the office
Working Safely on our Site VTE03 - Video, DVD03 - DVD Details
Health, Safety and Environmental Induction for staff and contractors on industrial sites.
Health & Safety in the Workplace CBT21 - CDROM Details

Describes the most common health and safety issues at work. Includes signs, storage, working from heights, fire procedures, vehicles and workshops.

Controlling Stress in the Workplace CBT31 - CDROM Details

Explains the most common causes of workplace stress, and what you can do to minimise it. Guidance for managers and their staff.

Looking after your Manual Handling CBT25 - CDROM Details

Ensure the safe handling of objects in the workplace. Includes legislation, anatomy and physiology, correct lifting techniques.

Knowing your PPE CBT26 - CDROM Details

Introduces the basics of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), what it is, how to look after it; the risks it protects against and the legal responsibilities.

COSHH Awareness 2004 CBT051 - CDROM Details

Covers the 2004 COSHH regulations. Assessment, prevention, control, monitoring, and training.

Contractor Induction CBT29 - CDROM Details

This package provides a basic awareness level of health, safety and environmental training for contractors working in office and industrial situations.

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Fire Safety
Fire Safety - TrainerWare TW02 - CDROM Details
The nature of fire, fire prevention, the colour scheme and different types of extinguishers.
Workplace Fire Safety VTE05 - Video, DVD05 - DVD Details

Basic fire safety and prevention training to cover the nature of fire and emergency procedures. Includes the different types of extinguishers and how to use them.

Fire Safety & Prevention CBT06 - CDROM Details

Essential fire safety training to cover the nature of fire and emergency procedures if a fire is detected. Includes the latest types of extinguishers and how to use them. Covers the RRO(2005).

Taking the Right Action CBT30 - CDROM Details

This package covers what to do when the fire alarm goes off. It includes horizontal progressive evacuations, refuges, coded alarms and the fire lift.

Fire Safety and Risk Assessments CBT19 - CDROM

This package covers the new RRO (Fire Safety) Regulations 2005 and how to complete your own fire risk assessments. Also provides the necessary fire safety instruction for your employees.

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In the Office
DSE Assessment - TrainerWare TW01 - CDROM Details

Up to date DSE Safety information and guide to your own DSE assessments.

Health & Safety in the Office CBT20 - CDROM Details

Maintaining an accident free office. Includes signs, storage, equipment, alarms, VDU Safety, risk assessment, stress, basic manual handling and working procedures.

DSE Assessment and Office Safety CBT24 - CDROM Details

Training for 'habitual users' of DSE and video monitors. Includes workstation set up, posture, and general office health & safety.

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Healthcare Facilities
Hospital Fire Safety VTE04 - Video, DVD04 - DVD Details

Fire Safety training for Hospitals & Healthcare premises. Includes the Fire Code, hospital statistics and patient evacuation.

Hospital Fire Safety CBT22 - CDROM Details

Fire Safety training for Hospitals & Healthcare premises. Actions to take in the event of a fire. Includes horizontal evacuation procedures in zoned buildings.

Handling your Clinical Waste CBT28 - CDROM Details

Covers the definition, identification and handling of clinical hazardous waste. The risks and common hazards.

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Food Handling
Handling your Food Hygiene CBT23 - CDROM Details

Staff training on food preparation and hygiene. Follows the CIEH syllabus, including food and disease, legislation, cleaning, personal hygiene, waste & pest control.


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