Safety Health Awareness Training

Safety HAT- HAT01

This new exciting CD draws together an acclaimed range of training packages into one product. Designed specifically for the smaller company, the modules on this disc cover all the main health and safety issues to be found within the typical UK office.

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You will be able to:

  • Understand the key health and safety issues in an office.
  • Complete your own DSE assessments.
  • Understand good practice concerning lifting and handling, fire safety, and setting up your workstation.
  • Manage your own stress levels and those of your fellow workers
  • Apply a systematic methodology to completing risk assessments with help from specific examples.
  • Browse through the information in any order, and quit and resume whenever you like.

This training package contains:

  • Full course contents of six packages on one disc:
  • DSE Assessment and Office Safety
  • Manual Handling - Anatomy, good practice and examples
  • Fire Safety - types of fire, fire extinguishers, fire risks and precautions
  • Controlling Stress - Vital information for employers and employees on recognising stress and dealing with it in the workplace
  • Risk Assessment - guidance and blank forms on the theory and practice of completing your risk assessments
  • Waste Minimisation - good practice and tips on managing waste issues in the modern workplace
  • Total running time - around 2 - 3 hours in total
  • Interactive questionnaire
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