Environmental Training
IEMA Introduction to Environmental Awareness Trainer's Manual Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment Details
We have partnered with the IEMA to offer this invaluable resource for organisations providing environmental training.
Looking after our Environment (Power Plants) VTE01 - Video, DVD01 - DVD Details

Ensuring environmental compliance at a modern power plant. The key issues, ISO14001 and the individual's contribution.

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This is our Environment (Industrial Sites) VTE02 - Video, DVD02 - DVD Details

Environmental awareness for staff and contractors on industrial sites.

ISO14001 - Environmental Management Systems CBT09 - CDROM Details

IS014001 is the international standard for environmental management systems. This package explains what ISO14001 means to your company and your staff.

Working with ISO14001 and IPPC CBT27 - CDROM Details

Presents IPPC and ISO14001 in bite sized chunks. Covers legislation, the benefits and implications of achieving ISO14001 and what it means to the individual.

Environmental Awareness for a Process Site CBT10 - CDROM Details

Covers the issues surrounding industrial sites. Site policies, discharges, waste and the duty of care. Includes management systems and the individual's contribution.

Environmental Awareness for an Office CBT10A - CDROM Details

Covers how companies can manage their operations in an environmentally responsible manner. Looks at the contribution everyone in an office can make.

Contractor Induction CBT29 - CDROM Details

This package provides a basic awareness level of health, safety and environmental training for contractors working in office and industrial situations.

Health and Safety in the Workplace CBT21 - CDROM Details

Describes the most common health and safety issues at work.


Working Safely on our Site VTE03 - Video, DVD03 - DVD Details

Health, Safety and Environmental Induction for staff and contractors on industrial sites.


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