Who uses our products and services?

Our clients include:

  • the Royal Mint
  • BT
  • National Power
  • Pfizer
  • Mars Confectionery
  • National Grid
  • PowerGen
  • the Electricity Association
  • Floodguards
  • Vivendi
  • Kimberley Clarke
  • Johnson Matthey
  • TXU-Europe
  • the EEF
  • HM Government (security cleared)
  • Marley Flooring
  • the National Health Service
  • the MOD
  • and colleges and local authorities.
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Client feedback:

"I am very pleased with the package as it is visually appealing without having the long down load times associated with more complex software. It is also easy to update oneself..... No other type of training would be so effective in terms of cost/time and we could not have hoped to train such large numbers by conventional lecture/classroom methods. It has proved to be an effective means of raising environmental awareness within the company."
[Mr Dave Allan, BT Environment Unit]

"I would like to thank you for your sterling efforts in delivering a good quality product that meets my requirements."
[Mr Peter Day, TXU-Europe]

"Generation Software used not only their technical expertise, but imaginative and creative skills to produce an interactive and informative environmental course on CD. So far candidates have found this an engaging and effective method of bringing the material to life!"
[Mr Paul O'Leary, Electricity Association]

"Very informative both from a (company) perspective and also for general information"

"It really makes you think of your individual contribution to the environment."

"The legislation information is useful and collecting this onto one web site is also good. I am not directly involved in this area, but as a manager I need to know where to go for a single source of information and this is now it."

"It was also good as a refresher exercise"

"Simple to use and can be done when it suits you to do so."
[BT staff comments]

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