Controlling Stress in the Workplace

Controlling Stress in the Workplace - CBT31

This training course is for managers and employees who might be affected by stress in the workplace. This training package will introduce the main stress inducing factors, and how to recognise if you become stressed.

Advice on self-help, work management and helping others who might also be affected is given.


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You will be able to:

  • Understand the effects and implications of stress
  • Recognise the symptoms of stress in yourself and your colleagues
  • Know how to work in a more productive, systematic way that is less stressful
  • Turn work into something that is more enjoyable!

This training package contains:

  • Overview of stress, and stress inducing factors
  • Guidance on the employer's obligations arising from UK legislation
  • Information on stress caused by management and working practices
  • How individuals create stress themselves
  • Guidance on avoiding stress with tips and exercises
  • Total running time - around 40 minutes.
  • Interactive questionnaire
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