Handling your Clinical Waste

Handling your Clinical Waste- CBT28

This training is aimed at managers, supervisors, doctors, nurses, technicians, surgery staff and any other personnel employed in any form of healthcare business who may be handling clinical wastes. These people must be trained on the correct handling procedures.

This training package deals with the definition, identification and handling of clinical waste. Inefficient segregation and carelessness costs businesses many thousands of pounds each year. The risk of poor handling practices can lead to prosecution and legal action. Take preventative action and make sure your staff are fully trained.


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You will be able to:

  • Know the procedures for identifying clinical waste.
  • Understand the issues concerning personal hygiene and typical procedures on UK healthcare premises.
  • Know the reasons for safe packaging, labelling, storage, transport and disposal of clinical waste.
  • Learn how to help the companies to save money by following the correct clinical waste disposal procedures.
  • Understand the legal implications of dealing with clinical waste.


This training package contains:

  • An overview of the correct procedures for identifying and handling clinical hazardous waste.
    Information on the legislation that is now in place to make companies follow a systematic method of accounting for solid waste.
  • Advice on how waste segregation can reduce total waste volumes and save on disposal costs.
  • Details on waste handling chain and how records must be kept of the transfer of waste from one person to another.
  • Total running time - around 30 minutes.
  • Interactive questionnaire
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