Working with ISO14001 and IPPC

Working with ISO14001 and IPPC - CBT27

This training course is for managers, environmental officers, supervisors, plant operators, anyone dealing with wastes and all staff in companies affected by the IPPC Regulations.

This training covers the International Standard ISO14001 and the UK Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Regulations. It includes an outline of what it means to the company, the staff, the operations and business procedures of the company. It concludes with an account of how individuals can contribute to the environmental performance of the company.

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You will be able to:

  • Gain an appreciation of the latest legislation, from EU Directives to the UK Regulations.
  • Understand how effective planning and the setting of targets and objectives fit into our management system.
  • Know how global concerns about the state of our environment are driving environmental regulations.
  • Know how environmental regulations in the UK are implemented and what obligations are placed on employers and their staff.
  • Find out how every member of staff on site has their part to play.

This training package contains:

  • Information on global issues.
  • A review of recent global agreements.
  • Help for you to gain a wider understanding of the issues of ISO14001 and to show you how you can make a contribution.
  • The structure of ISO14001.
  • The impact of the IPPC Regulations and what it means to our site procedures and operations.
  • Full commentary by Patrick Lunt.
  • Total running time around 25 minutes.
  • Interactive questionnaire
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