Knowing your Personal Protective Equipment

Knowing your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) - CBT26

This training course is for managers, health and safety officers, risk managers, technicians, contractors, machinery operators and people who use Personal Protective Equipment.

The training includes guidance on the risks, and how to use, maintain and adjust your PPE to keep risks to a minimum within your working environment. Employers are legally required to provide PPE training for all staff concerned.

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You will be able to:

  • Know the basics of PPE and how to look after your PPE.
  • Know what PPE you may be required to wear in particular environments.
  • Understand the hazards that your PPE protects against.
  • See the legal framework behind your responsibilities and those of your employer.
  • Know the right equipment for your job and how to protect yourself against physical injury.
  • Know how to check your PPE to see if it is still effective

This training package contains:

  • An overview of the main legal issues and your responsibilities surrounding the use of PPE in the workplace.
  • Guidance on what PPE equipment is needed to safely perform your work.
  • Full descriptions of the various types of PPE.
  • Tips on checking and adjusting equipment effectiveness.
  • Guidance on getting the right fit with your equipment
  • Interactive questionnaire
  • Total running time - around 30 minutes.
  • Full commentary by Ricky Salmon
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