DSE Assessment and Office Safety

Display Screen Equipment Assessment and Office Safety - CBT24

This training course is for managers, health and safety officers, office supervisors, DSE users, users of other display screens (including CCTV operators), and anyone who uses display screens on a regular basis.

The training leads you through the legislation and the employer's obligations. Your users will be able to set up their workstations in the correct manner, and the comprehensive training record and your users comments will be saved back into the system.

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You will be able to:

  • Complete the obligatory Risk Assessment for all your DSE users
  • Maintain up-to-date assessments automatically
  • Print summary reports of your users results and comments
  • Prevent the onset of RSI and musculoskeletal problems
  • Identify the risks and hazards in your office
  • Identify how the 2002 Regulations apply to your home workers and contract staff

This training package contains:

  • Overview of relevant legislation, including latest Amendments (2002). Specific guidance for users of laptops, home workers and users using their own equipment.
  • Guidance on setting up the workstation. What adjustments you should be able to make.
  • Checking your workstation, the equipment and your working environment
  • An overview of general office safety, including common hazards, fire safety and lifting & handling
  • Blank copies of the DSE Regulations Risk Assessment
  • Blow-by-blow guidance to help you complete the DSE Risk Assessment
  • Full spoken commentary
  • Video clips to show details of setting up your workstation
  • Total running time around 30 minutes
  • Interactive questionnaire
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