Hospital Fire Safety

Hospital Fire Safety - CBT22

This training course is for managers, fire safety officers, health and safety personnel, nurses, doctors, canteen staff, porters and any person employed by hospitals and health care premises.

This training package covers basic fire safety training, the new portable fire extinguisher colour scheme, and actions to be taken following the discovery of a fire.

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You will be able to:

  • Know the special arrangements which apply to hospitals
  • Understand the relevant legislation - fire safety training is a legal requirement
  • Know the correct emergency procedures.
  • Know the different classes of fire that can occur
  • Learn the action to take should you discover a fire or if you hear the fire alarm
  • Understand which type of extinguisher to use.


This training package contains:

  • Information on the RRO (Fire Safety) 2005 Regulations
  • Up-to-date information on the various fire extinguishers
  • What you must do in a fire emergency
  • Information on different categories of fire
  • Hospital fire plans and how to safely evacuate all personnel and patients
  • An overview of progressive horizontal evacuation procedure.
  • Total running time - around 30 minutes
  • Interactive assessment.
  • Full spoken commentary
  • Video clips of extinguishers in action.
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