Environmental Awareness for a Process Site

Environmental Awareness for a Process Site - CBT10

This training course is for managers, environmental officers, office personnel, technicians, operators, supervisors, contractors and all staff who can influence the environmental performance of the site.

The training gives an overview of the key environmental issues and how companies and individuals can manage their operations in an environmentally responsible manner.

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You will be able to:

  • Have an appreciation of environmental issues facing modern industry.
  • Know the contribution you can make in your everyday work towards improving your company's environmental performance.
  • Know the effects of discharges to air, liquid effluents and solid wastes.
  • Learn about waste minimisation, recycling, and good environmental practices on the site

This training package contains:

  • Advice on how companies are trying to minimise the effects of their operations on the environment.
  • Basic principles ensuring that every employee helps the company to meet their environmental targets.
  • Guidance on how to comply with all statutory requirements for environmental protection.
  • Advice on the benefits of an Environmental Policy.
  • Ways in which environmental awareness can be improved around the site.
  • Information on the greenhouse effect, the ozone hole and acid rain.
  • Interactive questionnaire
  • Total running time - around 30 minutes.
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