ISO14001 - Environmental Management Systems

ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Systems - CBT09

This training course is for managers, environmental officers, operators, technicians, planners, and other staff employed by companies who are working towards accreditation under ISO14001.

This training leads you through the legislation and will help to explain certification under the new International Standard for Environmental Management Systems, BS EN ISO 14001. It describes the structure of the standard and how it is implemented in your company's procedures.

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You will be able to:

  • Know what ISO 14001 means to you and your company.
  • Know the company's aims and the requirements needed to comply with it.
  • See the key components of ISO 14001.
  • Gain a wider understanding of the issues.
  • Find out what contribution you can make to the company's environmental performance.

This training package contains:

  • Overview of relevant legislation, such as the Environmental Protection Act 1990.
  • Guidance on how industry in general is incorporating the ISO 14001 principles in everyday business.
  • Help for you to gain a wider understanding of the issues of ISO14001 and to show you how you can make a contribution.
  • Information that has been structured in such a way that the modules may be studied in any order.
  • General guidance on principles, systems and supporting techniques. It gives practical help on the design, development and maintenance of an Environmental Management System.
  • Key points have a spoken commentary.
  • Extra optional pages containing further in-depth detail of ISO 14001.
  • Interactive questionnaire
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